Hello, I am Nikhil Wanpal. A Software Craftsman, Architect, Engineering Leader, Husband, Father. Also a Blogger, a Podcast host, an Aspiring Speaker; and a Founder of a company called Upshot Ideas.

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Podcast: tnt-podcast.com

My Company, Upshot Ideas Technology Lab: upshotideas.com

My Company’s product, Dragonfly: dragonflydatahq.com


In the past, I have worked with financial applications for the banking domain; delved into the mobile world by creating a platform for creating hybrid mobile apps; taken a dip in the VOD (Video On Demand) domain by designing a microservices based stack for a multi-tenant platform. And spent some time in MarTech domain, where I designed and developed a platform for analyzing incrementality of marketing channels.

During my tenure in the mar-tech domain, I had the privilege of joining a startup as its inaugural non-founder member. This experience exposed me to the raw realities of growth, challenges, and successes that shape the startup journey. I have also been acting as a Technical Advisor for another start up in GeoIntelligence domain. During this time, I have worked as an individual contributor, lead and director of teams, and also have built teams from scratch and helped them grow.

Basically, I am a passionate developer with experience in product development who isn’t scared of starting from scratch, is confident enough to take technical decisions, and is always eager to learn something new with the intention to implement that knowledge.

At present, I am trying my hand at building a product I have had on my mind; and consulting companies on a methodology I compiled for building Engineering teams.

Note: This is a place where I ramble, and if you wish, you are free to make sense of these ramblings at your own risk.

If you would like to suggest a change, share feedback about the content here, or just wish to say ‘hi’, please feel free to reach out to me on any of the networks linked in the widget or mentioned above: