mGSD With CheckboxPlugin

mGSD With CheckboxPlugin

    To give an introduction, TiddlyWiki is a wiki in a single html page, a must have tool for every developer, what you use it for is subjective. And mGSD is a TiddlyWiki variant to aid in GTD.

    I believe, CheckboxPlugin is a must have in a tiddly wiki that can even remotely be used to track things! In spite of warnings that it ‘damages your mGSD’ I haven’t been able to damage mine nor the data in it for a while now.. Thought should share it with you..
    But I must remind that it can ‘potentially’ damage the file or the data in it if proper precaution is not taken. So please backup your wikis if you plan to proceed on the steps I mention here. Do proceed only when you are sure of what you are doing and that you have a copy of the file safe somewhere.
    I did damage a few of the mGSDs when I first tried out using CheckboxPlugin, the auto-backups saved me. What I have found out is that the file is damaged or the data is corrupted only when the CheckboxPlugin-specific constructs are used in mGSD-specific tiddlers!

mGSD-specific tiddlers: By this, I mean the type of tiddlers specific to mGSD, like actions, projects, references, various lists of actions, anything that is not in tiddly wiki but in mGSD.( and where mGSD has its own checkboxes!)
CheckboxPlugin-specific constructs: These refer to [ ], [_], [x] and [X], the constructs used to denote checkbox states in CheckboxPlugin.

installation and use:
  1. Backup the file! (just reminding..)
  2. Ensure that you do not have CheckboxPlugin-specific constructs are used in mGSD-specific tiddlers, simply install the plugin, restart mGSD and check that everything is fine. A rare chance of failure I hope, the constructs are not so very common to be used otherwise. (You have a backup, just in case)
  3. If something fails, find and remove the CheckboxPlugin-specific constructs from the tiddlers.
  4. When you want to add a list for tracking, do not add it in the action directly. Create a tiddler, simple Plain-Old-Tiddler, by going to : ‘More… –> TW –> New Tiddler’. name it appropriately and add a link to it in the action, something like: [[MyTracker]].

One Rule: Keep the ‘CheckboxPlugin-specific constructs’ out of ‘mGSD-specific tiddlers’ and you should be just fine!

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