Selenium DateUtils: A Selenium IDE Plugin

Selenium DateUtils: A Selenium IDE Plugin

This is home of Selenium DateUtils: a Selenium IDE extension for handling date related activities and a little extra like generating random values, increment numbers.

List of methods provided by this addon:

  • getSysDate(variableName to store date to, dateFormat): Gets the system date and sets in the provided variable.
  • reFormatDate(variableName with date, dateFormat): Reformats a given date.
  • incrementDate(variableName with date, increment date by): Increments / decrements , the date value of the passed variable by the provided increment value
  • getIncrementedSysDate(variableName to store date, in/decrement date by): A shorthand for function combination: getSysDate and incrementDate.
  • sleepFor(ms to sleep for): Halts the selenium and testcase for the provided number of milliseconds.
  • getRandomVal(variableName to store value in, max): Returns a random number
  • incrementVal(variableName with value, in/decrements value stored in variable): Increments/decrements the value of the provided variable by the passed value.

To download visit firefox addons website.

Feel free to comment in case you observe any issues with the addon, I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible.


For some reason when I migrated the blog, comments on this page were lost. Have tried to recreate them by pasting to keep relevancy.

Hi Nikhil, What are the valid date formats for this plugin? I want to express a day in the following format: Tuesday, 17 January 2017. Thanks! Scott. -by Scott
Hi Scott, thank you for reaching out. I see I have not included date formats in description, thank you for bringing that to notice, will add that. As to answer your question, it currently does not support weeks in the date format. (It supports: full and 2 digit year, 0 padded, normal and short name for month and 0-padded and normal date.) I shall see how I can add a full format support. -by Nikhil Wanpal
Will you be providing examples of how to use these? I need to create a date one month into the future. – by Unknown
Have updated the "About this Add-on" section on add-on page with a brief about implementation and date format details. Hope to implement the moment.js in a next major version to better support multiple date formats. For your specific requirement, I believe you can do incrementDate with 30/31 as the param. -by Nikhil Wanpal

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