Understanding Microservices: Exploding A Monolith

Understanding Microservices: Exploding A Monolith

This is a myth-buster exercise. When it comes to microservices, the talks and blogs around are riddled with fancy and scary terms. This presentation is takes a different take on it. Instead of learning the terms, we discover the solutions to various problems and then learn what those solutions are popularly referred to as.

We go through the history of software architecture to understand how it evolved in the good old days. Based on which we draw some rules of evolution. These rules when applied to a monolith we evolve to a microservices based architecture as a natural or obvious evolution. Attendees do this as an exercise to understand the importance of the components in a microservices stack.

Using the link below, you can also download the PDF file for offline reference. Although, I prefer to revisit and update my presentations, you can always refer to the latest version here.

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